Five Reasons Why a House Call Doctor is Perfect for Families in Miami Beach

Many parents are familiar with the way that their children’s or their own health needs can pop up at the most unexpected times. Whether you are traveling to Miami and Miami Beach on a family vacation or on business, an unexpected illness can throw your best laid plans by the wayside. That’s when concierge urgent care for families can make a huge difference, helping you get the quality care you need on-call, regardless of the day of the week or time of day. With a house call physician at your home, hotel, or office you skip the inconvenience of resorting to a walk-in clinic or urgent care in an unfamiliar city.

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Navigating a city like Miami can be a challenge for both visitors and locals alike, but getting quality healthcare when you need it most shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why concierge medicine is perfect for busy families. With Pulse & Remedy, a medical doctor will be at your bedside within an hour to start your or your family member’s road to recovery. We take the guesswork out of finding a knowledgeable medical professional to treat your illness.

Here are our top 5 reasons that Dr. Jarred Mait’s Pulse & Remedy is your family’s solution for both preventative and urgent care.

1. On-Call Care for Unexpected Health Emergencies

Pulse & Remedy answers your healthcare needs on-demand regardless of the time of day, including weekends and major holidays. Our service is available 24/7 to provide you with top-quality medical care. From sprained ankles to food poisoning to a bad case of the common flu, we can provide immediate medical attention in the comfort of your home, hotel, yacht or wherever you may be.

Dr. Jarred Mait can provide medical diagnosis, prescriptions, prescription medicine delivery and specialist referrals for you promptly either in-person with a house call appointment or remotely via telemedicine consultation on the telephone.

We offer the prompt, effective care you need to get back on your feet wherever you are.

As the on-call house doctor for premier hotels such as Four Seasons Surfside, Faena Hotel, and 1 Hotel South Beach – Dr. Mait continues to build a reputation of delivering exceptional medical care to patients no matter where they permanently reside.

Pulse & Remedy provides medical services in Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Brickell and more.

2.  Appointments are in a Comfortable, Familiar Place

Crowded waiting rooms and unfamiliar environments can be intimidating for some children, and let’s face it, adults too -- especially when one is not feeling well. Concierge doctor’s visits eliminate the extra stress of new environments by bringing appointments to the comfortable, familiar surroundings of your home or hotel room where you already feel a bit more acclimated.

If you are also traveling to Miami from a different city or country, finding a last-minute appointment in an unfamiliar city is even more stressful. With urgent care centers’ wait lines being unpredictable, a house call visit eliminates hours of searching online, calling around, and seeing who has appointments available.

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For families who reside locally in Miami Beach and surrounding areas, the convenience of not having to disrupt daily schedules and spend hours at a brick-and-mortar clinic just can’t be beat. Waste less time in crowded waiting rooms and spend more time relaxing to allow the body to heal and bounce back from sudden on-set of illness.

Additionally, a house call visit when the doctor comes to you also means you don’t have to make expensive last-minute arrangements for childcare in case you need to have other children looked after while you drive to visit a medical clinic.

3.  Save time and energy

Having a sick child, parent, or spouse is already stressful. Finding appropriate care for said loved one shouldn’t have to be.

With physician house call visits, your doctor will provide any necessary diagnostic testing, a medical diagnosis and a plan of care which can include:

  • on-site medicine administered as shots or IV therapy in Miami.

  • prescription and over the counter medications called in to a nearby pharmacy.

  • medicine delivered to your home or hotel.

  • priority same-day appointments for x-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, CT scans and more.

4. Personalized Attention with No Time Limits

Our doctors with Pulse & Remedy take as much time as necessary to find the root cause of the medical illness. We can take the time needed to identify exactly what is wrong, determine an action plan, and prescribe the best course of treatment for the individual. With extensive experience with patients of all ages, Dr. Mait treats a variety of symptoms across a wide range of ages.

5. Personal Convenience and Immediate Access to Doctors

There’s no time like the present, and when you or a love one has come down with an illness any time spent waiting around for care is invaluably lost time that could have been better spent in recuperation. Pulse & Remedy offers same day appointments, oftentimes with house call visit appointments available within the hour.

A house call doctor provides personalized care while providing the same medical treatments as provided at an urgent care or emergency room. The main is that with Pulse & Remedy, you are the only patient being seen, at one particular time, and receive exceptional one on one care in the comfort of your own environment for added comfort.

On-call concierge urgent care is your solution for personalized healthcare regardless of the time of day. Telemedicine consultations and telephone access to our doctors ensure that you can have all of your questions answered, helping you and your family stay healthy year-round.

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