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My Approach


"The human body is smarter than any team of doctors.
Give the body what it needs, and it will heal itself."



1. I provide the highest level of service to each patient.

2. I spend quality time with my patients, typically 1-2 hours per visit.

3. I take time to explain the underlying issues, the testing techniques and personally arrange for all aspects of the treatment plan.  

4. I incorporate western medicine, functional medicine, nutrition and integrative techniques with each patient treatment plan.

5. I teach my patients about their body and how it works.

6. I personally call specialists and arrange referrals.

7. I provide in-home laboratory testing.

8. I arrange all forms of imaging studies.

9. I coordinate the delivery of vitamins, supplements and medications.

10. I answer the phone personally. I am available to each of my patients, at all times. My patients have my cell phone number.


If you should require a reference, please contact me at (305) 699-6963.

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My Experience


What is your PURPOSE with Pulse & Remedy?

I have created a personal approach to healthcare - to make the entire experience simple, comprehensive and convenient for each of my patients. 

Whether struggling with a chronic illness that requires a blend of Western medicine with functional and holistic medicine or dealing with an acute illness that needs emergent treatment, there is nothing more convenient or practical than having a doctor that you can trust and rely on - who will show up at your home, office or hotel and treat you with respect, dignity and excellent service.

Can you tell me about your TRAINING and EXPERIENCE?

Medical License
Fully Licensed Medical Doctor - Florida Department of Health
License Number: ME 124911

Post-Graduate Training
2015-2016      Functional Medicine
2014-2015      Anesthesiology Residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital / University of Miami Hospital
2013-2014      Integrated Internship at Jackson Memorial Hospital / University of Miami Hospital

Medical School
2009-2013      University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Graduate Education
2003-2004      Washington University in St. Louis / Master’s of Science in Business Administration

Undergraduate Education
1999-2003      Washington University in St. Louis / Bachelors of Science in Business Administration (focus in Finance & Accounting)